Angelic Shamanism

Shamanic practioners conduct energy from the spiritual realm, calling upon spiritual helpers such as power animals or other spiritual forces. Shamanic work is used to treat a range of emotional and physical illnesses.

Shamanism is a spiritual practice. Shamanism cuts across all faiths and creeds, reaching deep levels of ancestral memory. As a primal belief system, that precedes established religion, it has its own universal symbolism and cosmology, inhabited by beings, Gods and totems, who display similar characteristics, (although they appear in various forms, depending on their places of origin).

There are many techniques a shaman may use during a healing session, from extraction, divination, spirit invocation, and psycho pump to soul retrieval the shaman will travel in an altered state of consciousness to determine the cause of the problem. Through ritual, it is the shaman’s intent to restore wholeness to body, mind, spirit and soul. The shaman is the mediator between the realms to bring heaven and earth, spirit and human-kind together.

Having a Shamanic session and what to expect

Shamans are looking for your authentic self. What actually is that? There is a part of you which is untouched by the reactions of this world. It observes the doings of your day to day but does not react to drama and denial. This is what you would call your soul quality or your authentic self.

In the shamanic healing, I am bringing this forward into your conscious so that you can become what you have always dreamed yourself be. You can become a healer, teacher, visionary or warrior of light. You can get on track with your purpose. When this alignment is created, endless possibilities can occur in one’s life.