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Harmony Home and Business

Patty Grogan’s primary practice is in using energy healing techniques to cleanse, resolve, transform, and restore her client’s home, business or land to its optimum habitat, so that all areas provide a welcoming peaceful and loving environment for all. While Patty’s primary focus is correcting the energy for one’s home, business or the land they were built on.

Harmony Personal

The same techniques can also be used on an individual to enhance their well-being emotionally, physically and spiritually by clearing, resolving, transforming or eliminating obstacles such as limiting beliefs, ancestral wounds, trauma, fear and self- sabotaging behavior.

Patty works to teach her clients how to appreciate their own gifts and opportunities for their current life lessons so that they can strengthen and align with their soul’s purpose. She also works to teach her clients what they need to do to maintain their individual energy balance to live their best life every day.

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A word from my clients…

Since Patty’s clearing, we have a sense of peace in our home and backyard.

We bought our forever home in Wilton CT. Although there was work to be done, the home sat on a large wooded lot and we loved it.  The house required significant renovations and landscaping, but there were continual surprises and increased costs.  Feeling unsure about our choice I sought Patty’s advice on clearing the negative energy.  During our scheduled appointment, Patty spent a great deal of time walking through the house and around the yard to find the negative energy areas (she uses dowsing rods for this).  After taking extensive notes, Patty interpreted her findings and performed the appropriate clearing. When the clearing exercises were completed, Patty spent additional time revisiting the areas that had the energy issues to confirm they were resolved.  Since Patty’s clearing, we have a sense of peace in our home and backyard.  Our further repairs were limited and we can now enjoy our forever home.  Thank you, Patty!

Pam D.

Wilton, CT

The day after Patty completed here work my broker called me and told me he had a buyer.

I owned a business in Franklin Square NY for 7 years.  It had been very successful until the last year and then nothing I did impacted the profitability.  I was having to use my savings to make payroll.  I had decided to sell the business but was not attracting any buyers. I had been taken my daughter to a therapist who suggested that I reach out to Patty to see what help she could do provide.

The first time I talked to Patty she asked what I wanted and I said that I just wanted to sell the business.  She first worked with me to make sure I was in alignment with selling the business once that was done, she came to the office, on a Saturday and did the clearing.  The business was running better than it had been but still not profitable and still no buyer.  What I had not told Patty was the financial position I was in.  I called Patty to ask why the business was not selling and she said a buyer would be coming in 4 months.  I then told her that I cannot wait 4 months and that there was the potential of me being evicted.  We then worked on my new request to sell the business in the next 2 weeks.  Patty said she would do her best but thought the 2 weeks was not enough time.  Well the day after Patty completed here work my broker called me and told me he had a buyer.  I was able to collect money owed to bring my rent current effortlessly.  I am happy to say that I was able to sell my business in the 2 weeks and could not feel more grateful that Patty was able to do what needed to be done to get it sold.

Since then Patty has cleared my home and the changes in my family and home have made us all so happy.

Marcella K.

Franklin Square, NY

I feel so grateful and light.

I have known Patty for over 30 years.  I recently went through a divorce.  As I was telling Patty what the situation was, she told me about what training she had taken and suggested that we work on making the divorce and transition as harmonious as possible. We worked on the animosity that had built up in my marriage and cleared issues from other lifetimes.  As sad it is to end a marriage, I could not be happier with how we both came to terms with it and worked together in coming to an agreement that worked for us. In addition, I had another extremely serious situation occur related to my younger sister.  She was hit by a car and paralyzed. Since I am the oldest, and closest, I was attending to her medical, then financial and long term needs. This all happened in the middle of my own separation and i realized there were hidden emotions impacting my life in this area.  Patty recognized this, and worked with me to first identify the issues, acknowledge that they were impacting me and then working with me to clear them. I feel so grateful and light.  People can tell how peaceful I am in my new world.  I have no doubt it was due to the work with Patty.
Since working on me Patty’s has worked on my 2 daughters who at the time were in their late teens and early 20’s.  One had just started college but was having trouble engaging in everyday life. Patty cleared some emotions that had been holding her back.  She is now graduating college and is a thriving, happy young adult.  My other daughter had just graduated college and was looking to start her career.  Patty cleared emotions she was holding on to that were preventing her ideal job from materializing.  Since the clearing she is working 2 jobs that she loves.

Beth H.

East Islip, NY

We had our best year ever.

I have a bed and breakfast in upstate NY.  We have enjoyed our life and clients there for more than 10 years now. I found out about Patty and hired her to clear my home and the property that it sits on, that includes a school house and Blueberry patch. This was the best thing that we ever did for our home and business. Since Patty did the clearing, we had our best year ever. More importantly the feeling tone of everything was enhanced. The right people came.  Every interaction was incredibly special.  The events we held were the liveliest. New clients that came were so much more appreciative and thanked us with generous gratuities.  That had never happened before. The best part was the incredible joy of having a thriving business that we had not previously been able to attain.

I am so grateful to Patty and would recommend that everyone consider giving themselves the wonderful gift of working with her.

Ginny P.

Deansboro, NY

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